Workshops Overview

August 24-25, 2019, Minneapolis Airport Marriott, Classroom Edition, brochure link here

October 26-27, 2019, Chicago/Naperville Marriott, Conference Edition, brochure link here

December 7-8, 2019, Minneapolis, Classroom Edition, (brochure forthcoming)

Workshop Types: Classroom vs Conference

Each type of workshop is a premium experience relative to the DVDs. It is an in-person presentation in a classroom atmosphere, with the ability to ask frequent questions and participate in discussions. Many people find this the best way to learn important new information.

The “Classroom Edition” workshops teach the materials, as described in the Overview section of their brochures. This includes - but goes well beyond - the content of the investment strategies DVDs. The focus is on a step-by-step progression and gaining an in-depth understanding of the materials. The class sizes will generally be smaller than with the “Conference Edition” workshops, which facilitates the interactive nature of the learning.

The “Classroom Edition” workshops do change with changing economic and financial conditions, as well as the continuing development of the related body of work.  However, unless major changes have occurred - then each workshop will be quite similar to a workshop on the same subject from six months or twelve months before.

Each “Conference Edition” workshop is unique, and is intensely focused on what economic and investment changes have been happening recently, where we are in the cycles, and where there have been the greatest changes in risk and reward for the investment categories.

The “Conference Edition” workshops build upon the same foundation as the DVDs and the “Classroom Edition” DVDs, but unlike those resources, do not teach those materials in a step-by-step fashion.

The “Conference Edition” workshops can be much broader in terms of the range of content covered than the “Classroom Edition” workshops or the DVDs. They include a wide ranging look at many aspects of the economy and financial markets, and how these impact the strategies and the investment categories of the Red/Black matrix, as well as the more general implications and considerations.

With either type of workshop, each participant is asked at the time of registration what their greatest interests are, and to provide several questions they would like to see addressed. So long as the questions are a fit with the overall workshop and are likely to be of interest to the other participants, they can usually be woven into the presentation. All questions need to be general in nature, and cannot include the specifics of your personal financial situation.

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