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The "Cycles & Reversals" free book uses a series of financial analyses to examine how cycles of crisis and the containment of crisis have transformed long term and retirement investing. It also explores the use of "reversals" to turn inflation into wealth, and to financially benefit from low interest rates.

The book consists of more than 20 chapters/analyses. These analyses build upon each other in a steady progression.


The book is organized in four sections, and an outline of the sections as well as some of the key topics in each section can be found below.

Section One: Understanding The Cycles

- The source of the cycles, and why they have changed over the last 20 or so years.

Chapter One (link)

- How increasingly heavy-handed Federal Reserve interventions have been amplifying the power of the cycles.

- How the cycles have transformed investment prices and returns in key investment categories.

- The non-random nature of the cycles, and how we can understand the much of what is likely to happen in advance.

- How the amplified cycles create a roller coaster of higher highs and lower lows, that is outside of the assumptions built into most financial planning.

Section Two: Redefining Precious Metals

Precious metals are only one of the investment categories, and most of the book is about the other investment categories. That said, gold and precious metals have uniquely advantageous properties when it comes to profiting from the cycles - the properties just aren't what most people think they are.

- Financial analysis of why gold is not a perfect inflation hedge, but far from it.

- An alternative historical analysis of gold in recent decades, and what makes gold a potentially far more valuable portfolio component than if it were just a mere inflation hedge.

Section Three: Reversing The Wealth Destroyers

Inflation - even at low levels - is the great destroyer of wealth and savings over time, and is perhaps the single greatest threat to standard of living over the course of a long retirement. Low interest rates destroy the wealth building power of compound interest, and can greatly reduce cash flow in retirement. This section of book explores what will be new solutions for most people when it comes to two of the greatest challenges for retirement investing.

- Financial analysis of how to turn inflation into a wealth building machine that increases your financial security and the purchasing power of your savings.

- Financial analysis demonstrating how low interest rates can be reversed and become a source of increased income and financial security.

- Financial analysis of how to tap directly into the #1 long-term source of wealth from your home– an unexpected source which is not understood by most homeowners or real estate investors.

Section Four: The Defining Challenges

The United States government is heavily in debt, and is that debt is projected to rapidly increase over the coming decades. At the same time, the financial demands on Social Security and Medicare are expected to be rapidly increasing.

The book takes a holistic look at retirement financial planning, where investments are not independent of the national challenges, but rather, how the national challenges are handled can be expected to change investment results. This then means that one of the core financial planning challenges becomes understanding how the national debt and Social Security are likely to impact investment results, and then investing accordingly.

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