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Wealth is always moving - but some of the ways in which it moves are not understood by most people. Because of this, some people inadvertently spend their lives "swimming upstream" against the financial currents, making it much harder for them to get ahead. Others fail to see how by changing some choices, they can go with the current and thereby make it far easier to achieve their financial goals.

The best way see how these sometimes hidden financial currents work is to follow the numbers.

The "Finding Wealth In Unexpected Places" free course uses a series of financial analyses to illuminate the surprising ways in which wealth moves. Each analysis is supported by easy to follow conceptual explanations. The lessons build upon each other in a steady progression.


The subjects include:


Financial analyses demonstrating how low interest rates can be reversed and become a source of increased income and financial security.



Historical analysis showing how millions of people in the midst of a deep financial crisis accidentally stumbled into the biggest financial windfall of their lives – and how to quite intentionally turn this to your own advantage in the event of a future crisis.



Financial analysis of how to tap directly into the #1 long-term source of wealth from your home– an unexpected source which is not understood by most homeowners or real estate investors.



Numerical analysis of how to turn inflation into a wealth building machine that increases your financial security and the purchasing power of your savings.



Study the little known and unexpected financial mechanism that governments use to confiscate wealth from retirement & other stock investors on a wholesale basis.



Follow the numbers to learn a mechanism that banks use to transfer losses to depositors in a way that few people understand – and discover a powerful means of creating personal wealth.



Learn the secrets of the "reversals", whereby financial and economic factors that destroy wealth and security for most people are turned into sources of wealth and increased financial security for you.



In the world of finance, the expression, "One person's loss is another person's gain" rings true more often than most realize. And in many cases - what is generally treated as a universal destruction of wealth can in fact be a redistribution of wealth. Using financial analysis, "reversals" can be identified and understood, so that what is destroying income and wealth for those around us can be converted into wealth and security for us.

The range of topics includes real estate, stocks, precious metals, bonds, money, inflation, and taxes. 

The good news is that when armed with knowledge – individuals gain the ability to not only protect themselves, but to also find new sources of wealth in unexpected places.  Indeed, the real returns associated with these sometimes counterintuitive sources of wealth can substantially exceed the usual investment alternatives – because they work with the underlying flow of wealth in the situation, rather than against it.

Once this knowledge is learned, the benefits can last for a lifetime. Join the over 40,000 people* who have signed up to benefit from the knowledge contained in this free book:


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