The Daniel Amerman Expanded Collection is a compilation of unique educational assets that have been created over the course of eight years.  Each has previously been presented in workshop format, and it would take eight full-time days in a classroom to be taught the content in person.  For your convenience, and at a substantial package discount, these are now available in a home study format, consisting of four DVD courses with a total of 21 DVDs and 8 books.

Creating Win-Win-Win Solutions Using Real Estate-Based Asset/Liability Management Strategies

There are five methods for creating wealth from real estate investment which can each powerfully boost returns and/or reduce risks – but they do so in unexpected ways.

What these methods have in common is that while the most sophisticated institutional investors in the world routinely make use of asset/liability management strategies to boost and shape their returns, most individual real estate investors aren't familiar with these sources of wealth creation. They aren't aware of the (sometimes counterintuitive) full set of tools that are available to them, let alone how to use them.

These five strategies are the subjects explored in a new 6 DVD set, as summarized below. A detailed topic outline is available here, which breaks out 170 individual topics and schedules on a chapter and DVD basis.

1) Wealth Creation During Normal Times (DVD #1)

For most investors, sustained times of moderate economic growth and moderate inflation (otherwise known as "normal times") mean modest yields along with inflation slowly but steadily eating away at the purchasing power of savings and investments.

What is taught in DVD #1 is how to use asset/liability management to reverse the usual relationship for investors, and turn the "background" destruction of wealth in purchasing power terms into an automatic source of yield-boosting returns which can powerfully enhance real estate performance.  As explored step-by-step in the financial schedules, this unexpected but powerful strategy can take what would be a loss in inflation-adjusted terms for an income property asset over ten years, and turn that identical asset performance into a major gain.

2) Wealth Creation From Prosperity (DVD #2)

There is perhaps no better time to own income property purchased using asset/liability management strategies than those of rising real estate prices and general economic prosperity. As explored in step by step detail in the financial schedules, the use of asset/liability management techniques with a successful real estate investment in a rising market is indeed capable of producing annual returns of 30% and 40% and more.

Investors using asset/liability management strategies can boost their net worth by a factor of four times, five times and even more when compared to just purchasing the asset by itself. A simplified version of this particular form of wealth creation is the best known of the asset/liability management techniques among most real estate investors, but there are unexpected layers to this strategy, and more potential sources of yield than is commonly understood.

3) Creating Wealth From Financial Crisis (DVD #3)

While a simplified version of creating wealth from prosperity may be the most familiar of the income property-based asset/liability management strategies, what may be the most surprising strategy of all is how asset/liability management can be used to not only financially survive extraordinary economic crisis accompanied by the destruction of much of the purchasing power of currency – but to turn such a disaster scenario directly into personal wealth.

As explored in DVD #3, the simple purchase of an income property by itself offers little guarantee of success when it comes to financial crisis, because of the vulnerability of real estate prices to the availability of financing, the possible inability of properties and rents to keep up with inflation, and the danger of rapidly rising vacancy rates caused by economic devastation. However, as explored in detail and explained step-by-step in the accompanying financial analyses, asset/liability management can be used to access a very powerful source of wealth creation in the heart of crisis that cannot only protect savings, but may significantly increase net worth in purchasing power terms at the very same time.

4) Creating Wealth From Economic Stagnation (DVD #4)

The current conditions for much of the world consist of low or no economic growth and very low investment yields. For investors following traditional strategies, this time of economic stagnation presents an extraordinarily challenging investment environment, and there is widespread concern among leading economists that these conditions could persist for many years to come.

However, for some major institutional investors pursuing strategies unfamiliar to the general public, this same situation of low yields and economic stagnation has created a "target rich" playground of profitable investment opportunities. What these sophisticated investors know is that low yields don't mean that everyone makes less money ─ far from it ─ but rather, low yields enable a transfer in wealth within society from those who don't understand asset/liability management principles to those who do.

In DVD #4, we explore how to take this prevailing global investment challenge for tens of millions of individuals, and flip it to our personal advantage with the direct creation of wealth in an unexpected manner, whereby the longer the low growth and low yield situation persists – the more wealth that is created.

5) Robust Wealth Creation, Parts I & II (DVDs #5 & #6)

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the four unexpected wealth creation strategies explored in the first four DVDs is that they are not mutually exclusive. 

The fifth wealth creation strategy is learning how to combine elements from all four individual wealth creation strategies into a single "robust" strategy, with an objective of stripping out as much risk as possible while still maintaining good to excellent yields regardless of whether the future turns out to be prosperity, financial crisis, stagnation or just a return to "normal" times.

Many well-intentioned financial professionals might tell you that it is impossible to find an investment that can deliver strong returns in every one of those environments. And if we were to stick to traditional "asset-only" strategies for individuals, they would likely be correct.

In the final two DVDs of the set, we explore how to make multiple asset/liability management strategies work together in concert to create potentially extraordinary results when it comes to managing risk and return, and wealth creation.

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Profiting From Government-Dominated Markets explores the tight relationship between 1) market levels, 2) dysfunctional underlying economic fundamentals, and 3) the governmental interventions that bridge the gap. 

The emphasis is on identifying the often hidden opportunities and risks that have been created by this three-way relationship across the five major investment categories of real estate, precious metals, stocks, bonds, and asset/liability management strategies for individuals.

The detailed brochure lists over 65 subject topics covered, with some highlights below:

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Gold Out Of The Box presents a radically different approach to crisis investing, with detailed strategies for large & small investors.  Topics covered include:

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Turning Inflation Into Wealth is the original 8 DVD and 6 book set and still the core of the Daniel Amerman Collection.  Among the numerous topics explored are:

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Please note that the DVDs and companion manual are of a strictly educational nature, rather than the rendering of professional advice. The future is uncertain, and there are no guarantees or promises of success or particular outcomes. As with any financial decisions, there is a risk that things will not work out as planned, and with hindsight, another decision would have been better.

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