Five Unexpected Ways of Creating Wealth Using Real Estate-Based Asset/Liability Management Strategies

There are five methods for creating wealth from real estate investment which can each powerfully boost returns and/or reduce risks – but they do so in unexpected ways.

What these methods have in common is that while the most sophisticated institutional investors in the world routinely make use of asset/liability management strategies to boost and shape their returns, most individual real estate investors aren't familiar with these sources of wealth creation. They aren't aware of the (sometimes counterintuitive) full set of tools that are available to them, let alone how to use them.

These five strategies are the subjects explored in a six DVD set, and they consist of the following:

1) Wealth Creation During Normal Times (DVD #1)

For most investors, sustained times of moderate economic growth and moderate inflation (otherwise known as "normal times") mean modest yields along with inflation slowly but steadily eating away at the purchasing power of savings and investments.

What is taught in DVD #1 is how to use asset/liability management to reverse the usual relationship for investors, and turn the "background" destruction of wealth in purchasing power terms into an automatic source of yield-boosting returns which can powerfully enhance real estate performance. 

Below is a topic outline for what is covered in each chapter within the the first of these financial education DVDs.

Wealth Creation During Normal Times (DVD #1 Topic Outline)

Wealth Creation From Prosperity (DVD #2 Topic Outline)

Wealth Creation From Financial Crisis (DVD #3 Topic Outline)

Wealth Creation From Economic Stagnation (DVD #4 Topic Outline)

Robust Wealth Creation, Part I (DVD #5 Topic Outline)

Robust Wealth Creation, Part II (DVD #6 Topic Outline)

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Please note that the DVDs and companion manual are of a strictly educational nature, rather than the rendering of professional advice. The future is uncertain, and there are no guarantees or promises of success or particular outcomes. As with any financial decisions, there is a risk that things will not work out as planned, and with hindsight, another decision would have been better.

The DVD set and printed manual will not include specific investment, legal or any other form of professional advice. If specific advice is needed, it should be sought from an appropriate professional. Any liability, responsibility or warranty for the specific results of the application of the general educational principles contained in the DVDs and the written materials, either directly or indirectly, are expressly disclaimed by Daniel Amerman.