Creating Wealth From Financial Crisis (DVD #3)

While a simplified version of creating wealth from prosperity may be the most familiar of the income property-based asset/liability management strategies, what may be the most surprising strategy of all is how asset/liability management can be used to not only financially survive extraordinary economic crisis accompanied by the destruction of much of the purchasing power of currency – but to turn such a disaster scenario directly into personal wealth.

As explored in DVD #3, the simple purchase of an income property by itself offers little guarantee of success when it comes to financial crisis, because of the vulnerability of real estate prices to the availability of financing, the possible inability of properties and rents to keep up with inflation, and the danger of rapidly rising vacancy rates caused by economic devastation. However, as explored in detail and explained step-by-step in the accompanying financial analyses, asset/liability management can be used to access a very powerful source of wealth creation in the heart of crisis that cannot only protect savings, but may significantly increase net worth in purchasing power terms at the very same time.

Below is a topic outline for what is covered in each chapter within this financial education DVD.

Wealth Creation During Normal Times (DVD #1 Topic Outline)

Wealth Creation From Prosperity (DVD #2 Topic Outline)

Wealth Creation From Financial Crisis (DVD #3 Topic Outline)

Wealth Creation From Economic Stagnation (DVD #4 Topic Outline)

Robust Wealth Creation, Part I (DVD #5 Topic Outline)

Robust Wealth Creation, Part II (DVD #6 Topic Outline)

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