Creating Wealth From Economic Stagnation (DVD #4)

The current conditions for much of the world consist of low or no economic growth and very low investment yields. For investors following traditional strategies, this time of economic stagnation presents an extraordinarily challenging investment environment, and there is widespread concern among leading economists that these conditions could persist for many years to come.

However, for some major institutional investors pursuing strategies unfamiliar to the general public, this same situation of low yields and economic stagnation has created a "target rich" playground of profitable investment opportunities. What these sophisticated investors know is that low yields don't mean that everyone makes less money ─ far from it ─ but rather, low yields enable a transfer in wealth within society from those who don't understand asset/liability management principles to those who do.

In DVD #4, we explore how to take this prevailing global investment challenge for tens of millions of individuals, and flip it to our personal advantage with the direct creation of wealth in an unexpected manner, whereby the longer the low growth and low yield situation persists – the more wealth that is created.

Below is a topic outline for what is covered in each chapter within this financial education DVD.

Wealth Creation During Normal Times (DVD #1 Topic Outline)

Wealth Creation From Prosperity (DVD #2 Topic Outline)

Wealth Creation From Financial Crisis (DVD #3 Topic Outline)

Wealth Creation From Economic Stagnation (DVD #4 Topic Outline)

Robust Wealth Creation, Part I (DVD #5 Topic Outline)

Robust Wealth Creation, Part II (DVD #6 Topic Outline)

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