Creating Wealth From The National Debt
& Social Security Challenges

Workshop Overview

The primary purpose of the “Creating Wealth From The National Debt & Social Security Challenges” workshop is to fill in the third row of the matrix below, in a form that is both readily understandable and actionable.

The workshop presentation will teach how to practically use Asset/Liability Management strategies in order to accomplish the following goals:

1) Reverse the usual impact of low interest rates, and turn low interest rates into increased wealth - where the lower the interest rates, the more wealth that is created.

2) Reverse the usual impact of inflation and turn into inflation into increased wealth, so that the higher the rate of inflation - the more real (inflation-adjusted) wealth that is created.

3) Find the arbitrage potential within the building Social Security & Medicare dilemmas.

4) Learn how to create robust strategies that can survive and even profit from financial crisis.

The third row solutions are the primary focus of the workshop and will take the substantial majority of the time. However, the first two rows of the matrix - the challenges for the nation as a whole, and the personal impact on savers, investors and retirees - are what directly create the asset/liability management profit opportunities. The direct integration of the challenges and the “reversals” will therefore also be a key focus. More information on these challenges can be found in the brochure and on the website.

The workshop is a highly valuable resource for current and future retirees who are financially preparing for a future that - realistically - will include the challenges. The scope of the workshop goes far beyond retirement investing, however, and financial professionals as well as younger individual investors may receive the greatest benefits of all.

The examples used are real-estate based, which is the most readily available form of asset/liability management for individuals, but the implications go well beyond real estate.

Workshop participants will receive two supporting manuals for the presentation. These total over 1,000 pages, and include a detailed outline, many hundreds of supporting graphs and financial exhibits, as well as supporting articles with much more detail on some of the subjects covered in the workshop.

The two day presentation will take place in a relatively small seminar room with a classroom atmosphere. The focus is on communication, and attendance will be limited so that participants can easily ask questions and engage in back and forth discussions abut what is being covered.

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